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Preparing for Your Pet's Visit 



Current Rabies Certificate and documentation of  DHLP,  Bordetella (kennel cough) which cannot be older than 6 months at the time of the reservation.  All Pennsylvania Residence MUST have a PA Dog License for the current year.


 **NEW THIS YEAR** -  Out of State boarders are required to present a Health Certificate for each pet signed by your Veterinarian.  Certificates are only good for 60 days and are required for each new visit. 

Things to Bring

  • Enough food for the stay.  Food needs to be in a SEALED container.

  • Any medications

  • Any toys you allow them to play with at home unsupervised.

  • Small bed, blanket or towel from home to go on top of our elevated beds. This should be something familiar that will remind them of home.

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